Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Trek in Valle delle Ferriere

Trek in Valle delle FerrierePrice: 20,00   
Duration: 4 hours

Our guided tour will allow you to get to know a very important period in the history of Amalfi, between 1200 and 1800. You will visit the ruins of the ancient paper mills knowing their glorious industrial history, as well as the gardens where the highly prized local lemon grows, called Sfusato Amalfitano . Then, you will have the opportunity to access the Oriented Nature Reserve. A unique place in the world, where it can only be accessed if it has been previously authorized by the Carabinieri Environmental Unit.

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Museo della Carta, Amalfi Entrace Ticket + Hand Made Experience

Museo della Carta, Amalfi Entrace Ticket + Hand Made ExperiencePrice: 7,00   
Duration: 1 to 8 hours

This structure, unique in the world, offers its visitors the magic of going back in time and directly experiencing the ancient techniques of paper production during guided tours in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.You can admire the centuries-old machinery used in the production of handmade paper: the ancient wooden hammers which, driven by a water wheel, beat and shredded the linen, cotton and hemp rags previously collected in the mighty stone piles; the Dutch car installed in the paper mill museum on November 18, 1745; the eighteenth-century presses used to remove excess water from the sheets; the machine continues in the round. All these machines for the production of paper have been restored and made functional, and are operated during the visit with the strength and power of the waters of the Canneto torrent to make you relive the thrill of creating a sheet of the fine Amalfi handmade paper.

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Amalfi Coast Classical Tour

Amalfi Coast Classical TourPrice: 500,00   
Duration: 8 hours

The Amalfi coast is the perfect place for you who looking for your next holidays destination. Sea, amazing landscapes, hospitality and good food will are the secret ingredients for your journey in the southern Italy. Therefore, for a perfect experience along the Amalfi Coast and don´t miss all its beautis, this Amalfi coast tours is your best choice.

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Sorrento sailing boat rental and Capri Amalfi Positano tour

Sorrento sailing boat rental and Capri Amalfi Positano tourPrice: 450,00   
Duration: 8 hours

Enjoy a wonderful day in the bluest sea visiting Capri Grotta Azzurra Positano Amalfi Sorrento

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Herculaneum by train - entrance fee included

Herculaneum by train - entrance fee includedPrice: 47,00   
Duration: 5 hours

Herculaneum is the other large Roman town which was totally destroyed by the eruption of vesuvius of 79 A.D.
The town lays only 4,5 miles northwest of vesuvius, situated like Pompeii on the slopes of the volcano, too badly damaged by the earliest in 62 AD, before being totally submerged below a hugo mass of mud mingled with ashes - Stone 17 years later.
Meeting point with your tour attendant at Sorrento train station by newsagent shop at 9:30 am.
A 50 minutes journey will take you to Herculaneum.
Together with an official archaeological guide, you have to walk around the ancient building that has been so preserved that you feel like Romans 2000 years ago. The visit takes about half 1 hours
Finishing time approx. 01:00 pm

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Christmas Shopping Tour (Limatola Castle & Caserta Palace Outlet)

Christmas Shopping Tour (Limatola Castle & Caserta Palace Outlet)Price: 100,00   
Duration: 8 hours

Try our Christmas Shopping Tour!
You will visit the magic Limatola Castle, with the beautifuls Christmas Markets, and the Caserta Outlet, where buy you can buy italian-designer clothes at great prices.
All this tour permit you to experience the Christmas Atmosphere!

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